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The Rockford Haunt!!!

We have a mind for MISCHIEF!!!

Established in 2006, the Rockford Haunt is the brainchild of Bill Benson, who had a vision:
"The first year, I wanted to haunt a building.  The second year, I wanted to haunt the city park.  The third year, I want to haunt the entire town..."

Zombies, vampires, aliens...  These are just a few of the denizens that may be found at the Rockford Haunt.  Every year, the Rockford Haunt grows in size and scope, seeking to provide safe entertainment (while a little on the scary side) to the local community, as well as support  various local charitable organizations.


And you thought the big city was scary!!!

Mission Statement

The Rockford Haunt is dedicated to providing local area youths with an opportunity to be involved in an enjoyable activitiy during the Halloween Season.  It provides youths with a safe, drug and alcohol free envoronment in which to learn event planning, construction and entertainment skills, as well as community service time and fundraising for various local community organizations.

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